ENCOMPASS – a Success Story of a Science Broadcast Series (2002-2011)

Hungary’s leading scientists (who are also at the highest level in the international science scene, László Barabási-Albert /network researcher/, János Kornai /economist, Harvard/, Tamás Freund /awardee of the Brain-Prize/ historian John Lukács /Princeton/ etc.) have given lectures week-by-week. These performances had rich visual illustrations for both the on site and television audiences. The lectures were broadcasted via the main national public TV and radio channels. The texts of lectures were published in the most popular Hungarian science magazine and on the program’s own website, with interactive solutions. The lectures were based on a unified template. Encompass brought a ‪break-through in Hungarian science communication, because it presented scientific content as a complex media production, with professional marketing and the contribution of creditable scientist.

Main new element(s): Science as media brand; professional visual solutions (http://tudastars.hu/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/ENCOMP_Hun_Model.pdf, 2005)

Impact (numbers): 80 lectures/TV programs, 20.000 viewers on set, one million TV viewers.

Role of the Knowledge Society Foundation: organization background, research; György Fábri, PhD:  originator, chief editor (2002-2008).