Publicity management


We manage the publication of the scientific results and information on higher education both in electronic and printed form. We participate in initiatives and enquiries aimed at strengthening the relationship among the players of research, higher education and economy, and also in presenting the institutional system of higher education from the provider’s point of view.

We take the lead in designing, producing and managing communication and information forums and publishing their results. Besides forming their programme and ensuring professional quality content, we also actively participate in the discussion.

Involvement in our communication projects

Opportunities for participating in our projects: Science Café, “KnowledgeDrops”, ScienceDays.

Providing content

Creating presentation materials (in electronic and printed form), doing interviews, making short films and introduction films (of institutions, projects, etc.), editing publications (copy editing, proofing, formatting, press work).

Organising releases

Press relations, organising public appearances and press conferences, generating information and news, organising interviews, creating and spreading press materials (announcements, articles, background materials), events and actions to popularise science and institutions.

Promotion of positioning

Targeted tracking and analysis of the media, networking with influencers, managing contacts, facilitating professional networking cooperation among researchers, research workshops, universities and companies of innovation, strengthening the relationship of science and society, propagating science.