Innovative Use of the Media in Science Communication – Scientist Show, ScienceClip, Science Cafe, Elementary Stars, Science for Kids, ShowYourScience!

Innovative media projects of our independent science communication team: broadcast shows („ScientistShow”, „ScienceClips”. The first Hungarian science café („KnowledgePresso” ) launched in 2009, and by this we took science out of universities and research centres. Informal, most of the time illustrated discussions took place in Budapest and in the countryside as well with professional TV recordings that were aired on regional TV channels.

We organise scientific educational programs for preschoolers, these operate with a so-called “project methodology”, and the kindergarten teachers get a training beforehand as well.

For three seasons of the „ShowYourScience” high school contest, student groups competed with scientific videos made with their smartphone cameras. They also engaged their schoolmates by encouraging them to vote for their team on social media.

The filming of the periodic table has just started, it includes professional animations that scientists and celebrities use to demonstrate certain chemical elements, also resorting to solutions of social media and smartphones.

Main new element(s): Medialization of science using current media solutions

Numbers: 70 TV programs of ScienceCafé, 80 scientists, 50 preschool activities, 140 high school contestant teams.

Organizational and financial background: Knowledge Society Foundation; project leadership, chief editor and host of the Science Café: György Fábri, PhD

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