KnowledgeSociety Public Benefit Foundation

The Knowledge Society Foundation was established in 2002, with science communication as its main field of activity: within this framework, it has done research on the social perception of science, launched a science communication course for researchers, participated in the professional background work of the Mindentudás Egyeteme (ENCOMPASS) program, a highly successful lecture series that was nominated for the Descartes Award of the EU, and it managed several Hungarian and European science communication projects (Posseidon, Sybhel, Biotech).

In 2007, the Foundation created the Hungarian Science Communication Academic Netwok (HunSCAN). In cooperation with research institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and universities, it presents a complex and interactive scientific program package in secondary schools and kindergardens in order to promote knowledge of the natural sciences.

Our activities:

– theoretical researches in the fields of science politics, science communication, communication philosophy, media philosophy, science sociology
– Researches on rankings of higher education
– Founding scholarships, inviting tenders to young researchers
– Developing and managing communication services for academic research organisations, company knowledge and development bases, nonprofit research organisations
– Professional use and development of the knowledge transfer methods renewed by modern information communication technologies
– Strengthening the media positions of science
– Organising forums and events to popularise science
– Professional and international interdisciplinary networking
– Conducting classes on the necessary knowledge and skills for effective science communication, trainings, courses on science communication and research management
– Interdisciplinary presentation of science communication results with a publication programme (publishing “Világosság”, a magazine of humanities, compiling publications on science communication and science popularisation, operating professional websites)

Board of  Trustees:

Prof. Hunyady György, member
Fábri, György, PhD, president
Joó, Emese, secretary